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松倉有限公司為一專業研發及製作3D立體面膜、3D立體口罩、3D立體頭套、五指式手膜、足膜......,歡迎洽談共創商機!MATSUKURA is a professional R&D and manufacturing company focusing on skin care and personal care, welcom to contact with us.
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MATSUKURA  is a professional R&D and manufacturing company focusing on skin care and personal care,founded in 1997.

MATSUKURA provides excellent quality of products based on it's principles: innovation,ahead of tendercy, considerate. 

MATSUKURA has been granted many Patents in many countries such as:  Taiwan,Japan,Korea,China.....etc.

* 3D Face Mask w/ear loop, 3D Face /Neck Mask w/ear loop
* 3D Eye Mask w/ear loop,3D Chin Mask w/ear loop
* Foot Pack,Hand Pack,5Y Toe Pack,Nail Pack...
* 3D Mask, Head cover w/ Mask,Eye Guard Mask,Transparent Mask...
* Beauty & Medical disposable products...

MATSUKURA constantly keep developing new products and improving our sevice and quality to achieve
✿⊰⊹✿⊰⊹✿ Welcom to contact with us ✿⊰⊹✿⊰⊹✿ 


Services: 3D face mask,3D eye mask,Foot pack,Hand pack,3D mask,3D head cover